Specific Foods May Speed Concussion Recovery: Research Study

Interesting article in the Globe and Mail today Starve a Fever, Feed a Concussion, describing research into recovery of US soldiers from brain injury that shows that specific nutrients, taken soon after brain injury, appear to speed recovery.

The research suggests that "speedy supply of specific nutrients can give hurting brain cells the energy and chemical cues they need to heal while preventing inflammation". The Globe and Mail also writes...

Canadian experts on concussions are taking note:

Charles Tator, a Toronto-based brain injury and concussion specialist whose expertise is in sports-related brain injuries, says ongoing research into the role specific types of food play in healing hurt brains will be a huge boon to sports teams of the future.

“It's a useful report; it'll provide some guidelines,” he said, adding that the Defence Department’s interest is needed to push forward “very difficult, very costly research.

“Brain injuries are a major social and financial burden following combat. With these explosive injuries that soldiers are getting, it's turning out to be one of the most important complications of war that society is left with.

“Athletes who are in high-risk sports, who are at a high risk for concussion, might benefit from that type of research.”

Definitely something to follow!


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